Hello again all! It has been a VERY long time since we blogged. There are certainly a lot of excuses we can offer: life is crazy busy in general, Amy got a new job and is working too many hours, we took a trip to Italy and had a 4 month hangover afterward, Wisconsin winter sucks, my triathlon habit. The list goes on and on, but I guarantee, we didn’t give up loving food, loving dining out, trying new restaurants, and being as glutinous as ever! There have been many new restaurants open in Madison since our last post, and in fact, some of them have already closed (you know who you are, Kickshaw!) In general, the food scene here in Madison is alive as ever.

We would love to catch up and write about every restaurant we have tried since our last post, but we would be writing out of a sketchy memory, writing out of our asses, so to speak. So we will start with a recent restaurant visit, Graze (L’Etoile’s spawn).

Other blogs to come (hopefully), include best pizza in Madison, best dessert (can’t wait to taste test for that one),  more on procuring the best ingredients from our wonderful farmers’ markets,  specialty grocery stores, pick your own farms, strip mall gems, and of course more new and established restaurant reviews.

Read on, and (hopefully) enjoy!